How long do you think “an app for that” will last?

Yeah…there’s an app for everything. But is an OS dependent app the right answer for every functional requirement?

There are questions in the engineering world about who the mobile platform winner will be …Apple, Google or Microsoft. But my guess is that it’s all AND (hopefully) none of the above.

Here’s some prognostication for you…in three years most of our applications will be browser based and the device (and the OS it runs) won’t matter. (BTW…I have downloaded 79 apps to my iPad and fully half have limited to no functionality when not connected to a server on a network or the www.)

Yes…engineering will still need thick apps on a workstation; and what Bentley is doing for Mobile i-models is hot ( SQLite based ) and will require apps initially. And, of course, there will be mobile apps for use cases where the device is disconnected from the network. But everything else will (should) run  in a browser. HTMLx will give us that. That’s what I’m telling Bentley’s development teams…

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