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  • An Infographic History of HTML5

    An Infographic History of HTML5

    I mentioned that I think “an app for that” is overdone when many use-cases call for a connected client. ( See original comments here https://algray.com/?p=18 ) And yes, I know HTML5 can be used in an “offline” mode too. Given my opinion that HTML5 approaches should be considered first before OS specific apps, I found this infographic…

  • So…you thought my “app for that” post was wacky?

    If you thought my post panning apps and proposing the idea that we should be thinking about HMTL5 instead of OS specific mobile apps was misguided, read what LinkedIn did. http://goo.gl/fYrqb Take that fanboy(girl)!

  • How long do you think “an app for that” will last?

    Yeah…there’s an app for everything. But is an OS dependent app the right answer for every functional requirement? There are questions in the engineering world about who the mobile platform winner will be …Apple, Google or Microsoft. But my guess is that it’s all AND (hopefully) none of the above. Here’s some prognostication for you…in…