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  • “Cloud computing” as the dominant model in EIM?

    About two years ago I attended a conference in Silicon Valley where Matt Porta from IBM was introduced as “The smartest man in the world.” I recall that Matt has ~ 500 scientists in his organization and one of his roles is to predict industry trends. During a panel discussion he was asked, “Where will…

  • Stealing Ideas

    Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats. Howard H. Aiken, IBM Portaits in Silicon 1987

  • Enterprises Should Implement Change, Not Applications

    “Business benefit comes from the integration of people and process with information technology. Most projects focus too much attention on the technology and too little on people, process and change management.” – Dave Gardner, Dave Gardner’s life’s work has been improving business execution and collaboration within the enterprise and beyond the enterprise into the sales/dealer…

  • Google’s Marissa Mayer profiled in the best magazine you aren’t reading.

    Some trust is going to be required here… I want to introduce you to the best technical magazine that you aren’t reading. Not gonna tell you the name yet, cause you’ll just click out. But the magazine I’m writing of has recently printed articles on: The self-proclaimed “girly girl” that runs Google’s location and local…

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