Dreams – Amanda Higgins

Amanda Higgins was a Weapons Systems Officer (“back-seater”) on F15e Strike Eagles where her self-proclaimed role was to “Put warheads on foreheads.”.

Today she’s a Program Manager at Black Rifle Coffee.

I love her quote on dreaming big. I’m not sure that it’s an Amanda original, but I’ve never heard one quite like hers…

“The advice I would give my children is Dream Big. Big dreams don’t cost any more than small ones. Don’t limit yourself.”

The video is worth watching, but a small warning…while this video is uplifting, many will NOT care for the self-proclaimed “twisted sense of humor” found in most other videos put out by Black Rifle Coffee. If that’s the case, just move on knowing that you’re not their target demo.

But that they are a veteran owned business, hiring vets…and that they love to tease hipsters about their single speeds and bash “Hipsterbucks” (hmmm…I wonder who they’re talking about.) makes me grin. That said, you’ve been warned…but the link below is Amanda’s and is G rated.






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