Month: August 2012

  • Approaching your work like an Olympic event

    Approaching your work like an Olympic event

    Today I visited BAM Nuttall in Camberley, UK and, while waiting for the meeting attendees to gather, happened to pickup a copy of their newsletter “Engineering Matters”. In it I found an introduction from Paul Emms Director, Engineering that spoke to me. Here’s an exerpt: “As spring moves into summer many of you are looking forward to…

  • Travel = Life?

    For some of us, travel is a significant part of our job. And it’s not uncommon for people around us to ask questions like, “How can you do that?”, How do you maintain relationships when you travel so much? Don’t you hate it?”. And many that spend their life on the road don’t have a great…

  • Seth Godin on Confronting “Edges” in Culture to Spark Ideas

    “An idea almost never comes from reading the traditional blog posts or following the traditional Twitterers. It comes from seeing a movie or interacting in a place I’ve never been. If I’m on the road eating in another city, I will never, ever go to a restaurant that I’ve been to beforeof has been recommended…

  • Don’t Overlook the Small Things

    “You’ve got to think about “big things” while you’re doing small things, so that all of the small things go in the right direction.” – Alvin Toffler