Month: July 2012

  • Interesting Discussion on Mobile OS “Winner” on Be Communities

    There’s some interesting discussion starting to materialize Be Communities on the mobile OS “Winner”. Some related comments were posted here:  

  • SEI Engineering Uses i-models to Accelerate Design, Review, and Approval

    I had the pleasure of being on the dais with Rafael de Santiago Silva during an SSPE SELECT Series Premier Event/Seminar Series named “Working Smarter, Together” held in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro late in 2011. He provided great insights as to how i-models provided a benefit to SEI on a large project for…

  • An Infographic History of HTML5

    An Infographic History of HTML5

    I mentioned that I think “an app for that” is overdone when many use-cases call for a connected client. ( See original comments here ) And yes, I know HTML5 can be used in an “offline” mode too. Given my opinion that HTML5 approaches should be considered first before OS specific apps, I found this infographic…

  • Do you want to manage engineering, or just the results of it? (Part One)

    I get asked the following question frequently…”Why, when we have <Insert the name of any general purpose Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) here> do we need another system to manage documents for the engineering team? You have to admit…it’s the right question to be asking. After all, no IT department should agree to manage multiple…